Friday, July 21, 2017

Overnight at Musky Lake

A group of Agawak girls went on their first camping overnight, to Musky Lake! We spent the day practicing camping skills, swimming and hiking!:D

Wildman Adventure Resort Rafting Day 7/13

We had the opportunity to take cabins CW and 5 whitewater rafting on the Menominee River. We are so proud of these adventurous, fearless gals!

White water rafting- Menominee River!

Wednesday was out senior Adventure day! The 8th grade cabins, D,J and OW went white water rafting on the Menominee River, the boarder between Wisconsin and Michigan! :D For more pictures click on the day trip pics folder!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Porkies PA Trip

Every year, the 15 year old's of Camp Agawak take a trip to prep them for their CIT year. This past week, Kenzi and I led the group of 40 on a 3-day camping trip in the Porcupine Mountains.The area in located in the small town of Ontonagon, MI, next to Superior Lake.


We left camp early Tuesday morning with the vans filled to the brim. After a two-hour drive we finally arrived to good weather and a spacious campsite. After the girls set up tents and ate some lunch, they took a couple short hikes to explore the area and then headed to the beach. After dinner and desert, the girls went back to the beach to watch the sunset (which was a cotton candy painting and AWESOME) and the headed off to bed early.

Day two started out with french toast and Nutella sandwiches after a good night's sleep. Around 11am we headed out for a hike, but unfortunately wasn't able to finish without getting rained on. The girls were troopers and splashed through the mud and wind before we made it back to camp. The rest of the day was filled with rainy beach trips, Lake of the Clouds vistas, and chocolate brownie soup treats. Despite the positive attitudes, storm clouds continued to roll on for the evening and we decided to cut the trip a half a day short.

Kenzi and I are so proud of these brave PA's! This trip was the first camping experience for a lot of these girls and they still continued to find positive light and solution-oriented attitudes throughout! Go cabin Y and 15!!

Crystal Lake Week One

Later last week, we had the opportunity of taking Cabin 1 to Crystal Lake, the clearest lake in Wisconsin. The sun shined just long enough for us to play, swim, and grill out hamburgers by the water.

Raven Trail Week One

Last Thursday, a group of 6 junior campers joined up for the first hike of the summer on the Raven Trail! The state trail is located about 15 minutes north-east of camp and wraps around three lakes. Despite the mosquitoes, the girls continued to laugh and enjoy the nature escape for a couple of hours.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Hey Everyone!
We have a new Tripping Instagram account @agawaktripping
Where we will be posting trip pictures of campers, and their adventures!
Cant wait for camp to begin!