Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sylvania Wilderness P.A. Trip

The P.A.'s have survived! Yesterday afternoon all campers, counselors and trip staff arrived back at camp after a 3 day-2 night excursion to the Sylvania Wilderness Area of Upper Michigan. After contending with a bout of rain the first afternoon & evening on the water, day two turned out to be cloudless and beautiful! The group split up into four groups and paddle into the depths of the Ottawa National Forest, camped in remote sites, & paddled back to entrance points to meet the other groups around lunch time.

As the girls stood on the shores encouraging those paddling in a sense of accomplishment fell upon all participants. The groups packed up the boats & gear and headed further north to Marion Lake group site where all 33 participants spend the afternoon relaxing, swimming and singing around the fire after a dinner of Lemon-Pesto pasta & S'mores. Wednesday morning brought even nicer weather as we swam and packed up before heading back to camp just after lunch.
Overall the trip was a large success & certainly gave the girls a sense of what they can expect at next years CIT Boundary Waters trip.

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