Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello from the trippers!

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to be your girls tripping leaders this summer. New to the tripping program at Camp Agawak, we are off to a good start and already have gone on three trips! Casey, McKenzi and Ellie recently went on Copper Falls with the PA's and it was a fun, relaxing trip! The girls loved the falls, hiking and especially sitting at the beach! We were lucky enough to get great weather up until the last morning when it rained. The girls were still wonderful and we would say overall it was a fun, adventurous trip, seeing a little more of Wisconsin! I hope we opened the horizons of these girls a little more to the amazing world we live in. 

Our day trips so far have included Rib Mountain and Eau Claire Dells. We had a few girls go on the Rib Mountain trip, Ava F. and Ginger R. We had a blast looking at the quarry and hiking up to the observation tower! They even were treated to Briq's ice cream, and they took on a little more than they could handle, the 1 pound cone. At the very least it was entertainment for us!

Today, July 1st, we took on the Eau Claire Dells. A beautiful rock formation in the Eau Claire River. We hiked around on the rocks and then down the river. This trip we were lucky enough to take three counselors and 25 girls. Mostly from Cabin 6 and Cabin Y. We were treated to pizza pudgy pies for lunch then a nice (cold) swim after that! 

Overall our trips are getting more fun and we are loving meeting all the girls! We cannot wait for our upcoming trips. This summer is flying by but we still have some great adventures ahead! 

Bye for now! 
Casey, Kenzie and Ellie 

"May your best miles be covered by foot."

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