Wednesday, July 13, 2016


We are working very hard to make trips go out on this last week of the first session! We have been so busy planning boundary waters and day trips along with taking girls out sleeping at the tee-pee! Day trips have been a favorite, so we have planning those either everyday or every other! Unfortunately we had to cancel our Porcupine Mountains trip because of lack of interest, but we are trying! Hopefully by the end our groups going on on trips or to the tee-pee will be loved and requested.


This is one of the most requested trips of the session, and one of the laid back trips we take out. And obviously by the pictures you can tell there is a reason it is the most loved! This lake is so beautiful, clean and clear. On this lake no motor vehicles are allowed, so it is very calm and relaxing.


Our tee-pee trips are lead by McKenzie and I but we are also pretty lucky this year to also have Iris come out and camp with us. We stayed out there for our first time the other night and it was a blast! All of the girls loved it and the s'mores were a good add on to the night. Overall we heard great stories from Iris about what camp was like 40 years ago and listening to Mary tell us about the stories of Agawak!


My absolute favorite part about this trip was seeing a girl tear up because she saw a fish! This was such a fun sporadic trip we had with girls and it was good getting to know a few more of the campers. It was very relaxing kayaking along side of them!



We were lucky enough to get a great last day trip out today to Escanaba Trail and North Trout Lake! Treated by baby frogs, swimming and camp nachos I would say it ended up being not only a great trip for the girls but a favorite for McKenzie and I!


McKenzie was also lucky enough to go on a trip yesterday walking about 2 miles on the Raven Trail. She took out two girls and had a great time! Raven Trail is only about 10 minutes away and from what I have heard, the views are just gorgeous! 


I have been working with the CIT's on learning how to portage with one and two people and just canoeing in general! We figure out our groups we will be with on Thursday morning. Before all parents get here this weekend the girls will get their packs so that moms and dads can help pack a bag. We also on Thursday are going to practice our tent taking down and putting up skills so that when we are there at the camp site everything will go much more smoothly. I am so beyond excited to get to spend time with these girls and I think their determination and excitement makes us that much more happy to canoe with them across the boundary waters. One week and we will be there! Wish us luck :)

Okay! Check back to hear how more trips, especially the Boundary Waters trip!

Casey and McKenzie

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